Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bato Springs: San Pablo City, Laguna

My friends who was with me when we visited Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas, planned to have another weekend getaway. We wanted a spring so we can enjoy swimming and we have decided somewhere in Laguna wherein few or I should say non of our co-employees never visited. As we searched on the net, Bato Spring in San Pablo City got our attention. Through the pictures, we were mesmerized and got all excited to visit the place.

the landmark
Traveling alone, I went to Alabang Bus Terminal going to Bicol Region as it may pass the city of San Pablo. The ride is most likely 2 hours. I arrived a lot earlier than my colleagues and I waited them for more than an hour. It's almost 11:00 when we are all set to hit the spring. From San Pablo City market, we ride on a jeep going to Lourdes, Quezon which is the only way going to the spring. We were dropped off from the highway and we easily saw the sign board of the resort. Instead of riding on a tricycle, we decided to walk. It will take about around 20 minutes walk. Hey don't worry because the way is not strikingly hot. It is situated on a virgin forest and the air breeze is fresh and cold. We were even welcomed the locals riding on their carabao.

After arriving at the resort, we took our lunch, changed our clothes and went swimming! We only rented a locker which they gave us the key for us to be able to get our belongings anytime. The resort is huge. There were tree houses which you can rent for overnight stay. You can also grill food within the resort. Videoke machine can also be rented. Public restrooms are also available. There is also a sari sari store inside the resort. Better bring your complete food as they can't provide everything you need.

The falls are actually man-made. The water is freezing cold!!! It is so cold because the water is flowing from the mountains. They have three large pools. Two from the topmost part of the spring which is the deepest part... most likely around 6 feet deep. The two pool is great enough for those who really like to swim in a cold water as compared to the other pool which is situated near the entrance area and it is built with tiles.

After enjoying the cold water we packed up our things in order for us to catch the jeepney going back to the city. Around 15:00 we went back to the city for us to get a ride to Manila. The experience we had in this place was different in number of ways. We had a lot of fun.
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